Our Work

Pollution kills.  Pollution causes developmental maladies, learning disabilities, and birth defects in children.  It leads to cancer.  It causes heart disease.  It causes and exacerbates respiratory illnesses.  Almost every new study on the health impacts of pollution shows that government officials have been underestimating the damage caused by toxic chemicals.  Communities of color and low-income neighborhoods typically have the worst pollution and the fewest resources to protect and clean up their environment.

The California Environmental Rights Alliance (CERA) believes everyone has the right to a clean and healthful environment.  We provide grassroots community groups advice and technical assistance, and we make sure that government agencies consider environmental justice and public health when making decisions.

We engage in policy advocacy campaigns that include coalition-building and participation in policy-making processes.  We serve on stakeholder groups and advisory panels.  We meet with senior agency officials and speak at public meetings.  We educate reporters, participate in interviews, and distribute press releases. 

We work with community members and other organizations to build a strong network of environmental health and justice advocates.  We convene, facilitate, and participate in community meetings and make presentations at conferences and public hearings.  We advocate for the expansion of opportunities for meaningful public participation in agency decisions.

Our work program areas include:

Environmental Justice

Air Quality

Climate Change

Cumulative Environmental Impacts

Community Empowerment and Technical Assistance