• Food News - What's going on in the sustainable food world? Read up on it here.
  • We sent out a letter - if you didn't get it via snail mail, check it out here.
  • State of the Air - The South Coast AQMD released their State of the Air video. Scroll down to "AQMD addresses State of the Air in new video" to view.
  • What's in this? - has created a database which identifies the various chemicals in consumer products. Read about it here and find out exactly what you are buying.
  • Who do you call? - How do you make air quality complaints in the South Coast Air Basin? Click here to watch an informative, short video distributed by the South Coast Air Quality Management District.
  • Climate Change - Environmental justice advocates speak out on climate change. Read more.
  • Facebook – CERA is now on Facebook; please join us!


  • Carbon Credits on Fire - August 30, 2010. Are people abusing the carbon-trading system under the Kyoto Protocol? Read more here.
  • L.A.'s Clean Trucks Program Upheld in Court - August 27, 2010. Check out the full story here.
  • Big Oil vs. Government - August 19, 2010. Reducing pollution at Southern California facilities is not an easy conversation. Check out this blog for more details.
  • Beautifying and Polluting - July 21, 2010. Check out the latest installment by The Story of Stuff Project -- The Story of Cosmetics.
  • Sad News - June 6, 2009. Our fellow environmental justice advocate and friend, Luke Cole, sadly passed away on June 6, 2009. Luke accomplished some amazing things and will truly be missed. To read more about Luke and his accomplishments, click here and here. View a tribute to Luke posted by his fellow colleauges at the Center on Race, Povery and the Environment here.